Market analysis (especially techno-market analysis – exploring interaction between new technology and market potential)
Market testing – is there an appetite for a new technology?
Business development
Supporting the assessment of market value/ potential
Strategy development


Input into technical developments especially of glass related processes
Equipment development and testing – including in-factory trials
Analysis and interpretation of experimental data
Input into experimental planning – advice of technical/ scientific approaches

Glass Technology

Troubleshooting and diagnostics on glass processes
and applications of glass
Support for glass process development
Support for developing new applications of glass
Process improvement/ quality system development

Innovation Support

Advice on approaches to innovation – how to “turn ideas into invoices”.
Support for commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP)
Grant writing – including project definition and consortium building
Project management
Project report writing – patent drafting (to pass to Patent Attorney for review and filing) – dissemination of results (presentations, articles, conferences, etc)